Mteto Maphoyi

Mteto Maphoyi, born 19 August 1988 in Hermanus Cape Town. A self-taught Opera singer from the young age of 9 years old through listening to CD’s and records found in his family household.

He charms with a voice that is filled with confidence, a sounds that is full and comfortable in the upper chest register, that captures and mesmerizes the listeners. His disadvantage background never stand on his way, of engaging listeners on streets and basking near restaurants, at the Waterfront and other various outdoor events, just to share those easy notes, enriched by his experience and his sense of gravitas. Family challenges have led to missed opportunities, including a scholarship at Guild Hall School of Music and Drama in London, yet Mteto passion and confidence of his operatic voice, continues to connect his determination and voice, to execute riffs, runs, fioritura and awaits his big break.

We acknowledge that the visual representation provide opportunities for an audience to become part of Mteto’s journey. Revitalising, builting and nurturing Mteto to be brand, will require a professional assistance. The above, extends beyond wardrobe detox, image consultancy, grooming, costumes etc.

Audience have an active voice that shape the dialogue around Mteto. These includes, the presence of an Artist Manager (Mamba Pro) in events, Press release, radio & TV invites etc.